Thursday, March 19, 2015

3rd Rock Humor, A tribute to

Just a quick post today. I was watching 3rd Rock From The Sun with hubby last night and remembering what great writers they had on that show. I think some of the funniest humor comes from analyzing the mediocrities of life. Not that this first clip is mediocre in any way! But seriously? 3rd Rock writers had it down to a science!


And just to prove that even something as mundane as tissues can be evocative if you go about it the WRITE way....

And just because this scene is one of my favorites:

Have a great diurnal! (Or day, depending on who or what you are)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why we write for teens

Between birthday bashes and buying a house I've had very little time to post,  but in the after math of craziness, watching my old favorite ANNE OF GREEN GABLES,  I had a thought. Why do I write for teens? 

I've probably written about this before,  but in a different light let's think about why teens read at all.  For me it wasn't only escape. It was more than that. Let's be honest,  whether a teen has valid reason or not,  they think their lives are pretty sucky. Whatever situation there's a void that needs filling. Maybe they don't have friends. Maybe they have parents that aren't understanding. Or maybe their situation is less than desirable.

The world isn't the pretty picture our parents often times paint for us.

In our teen years we discover this. That life's a complex place where things are tough. There are trials we all face that sometimes we don't think we can handle. Even if we had it hard as kids-in the teen years our faith that things will work out wavers.

This is where books can be beneficial. They allow us to have friends that care and have parents that (hopefully) love us,  where trials find happy endings.

Now I'm not going into preaching mode. This is just where I leave all you fellow writers and others to ponder. I'm sure I could list lots of scenarios in which books help. But maybe you can add those in the comments.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Maze Runner in Germany

I had to post this pic of the first MAZE RUNNER movie opening in Germany. I loved listening to James Dashner talk about his 'study' schedule while writing these books when at an event at a Barnes & Noble here in Utah a couple years back. He was already at a point where he was able to quit his day job and spend a good about of time going to movies. It seemed funny to me (funny in a jealousy-enducing sort of way), and yet now that he's helping with screenplays it all makes sense.

Reminds me of that saying, 'Dress for the job you want', or something to that effect. We could apply this to writing. You have to put in the work for the level of success you want to achieve. If you're only in it for the money and don't put your heart and soul into your writing, you probably won't get anywhere.

Don't worry. I'm sweating over my work and am still not published either. But I dream. And have hope that things will work out. Maybe soon? Whatever happens, it's been worth it. I LOVE to write. More than that I love to improve at whatever it is I'm doing.

How about you? Are you there yet? Keep trying! You will get there!

And for fun....

How sweet. They have cute animals in Europe, too. Who knew? =)

There's a deeper message there. I'll let you figure that one out on your own. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning and Querying

Okay, so it's not spring. But it sure feels like it! Holy cow! Talk about crazy weather! I'm so loving the warm temperatures, though. Aren't you?

So, here's a random pic that I love. Taken on the banks of the Thames river when I was in Europe this past fall. I don't know why this interests me, but can't you imagine a story just from this picture?

What happened to this person? Why did they lose a shoe? Was it some ruckusy party that she was a part of and just got too drunk and decided to throw her shoe overboard? (Which is just another reason one should never drink. I hate losing shoes! Or getting kidnapped, which is my next point). Or was it a scary incident of kidnapping (see) where she was, of course, drunk, tried to hit her assailant with the sharp end of her stiletto, he slapped it out of her hand, and it got tossed into the Thames? Either way there had to be a boat involved, I'm thinking.

What gives you inspiration? I love seeing new places (and sometimes old ones I'm familiar with) and coming up with a background story. Also, there were a lot of interesting people on this trip. I took pictures of some of them when they weren't looking. Sorry O:). Frankly, some types of people really used to scare me, but to get over it I imagine them as characters in my book and then decide what happened in their life to produce their current state-of-self.

On an awesomer note, I am now done with edits and also with writing my query letter for DEAD LIBRARY! My critter will be looking it over and then PHEW, I will submit my story. Wish me luck! (No really, I'll need it!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I think I'm back now OR Europe Part 1

Wow, what a RIDE!

First jetlag, then personal health stuff that was less fun than, well, anything else.

Now that I'm back let's get down to some Europe pics. Book related mostly, but maybe I'll be nice and add a few extra...

First, (and this isn't the book related ones...), I had to add this picture. The hubbs bought himself LEDERHOSEN! Yes. The full garb. This is his hat, which he wore EVERYWHERE. It was awesome. I love that man of mine.

Don't know why, just cool.

I keep thinking somehow the druids will make their way into DEAD LIBRARY, but I haven't quite figured that one out. But Stonehenge was every bit as cool as I imagined.

Yes, I totally did that...

This first Europe Edition Book Of Mormon will mean something to other LDS folk. =)

This is a place that's special to me. Groombridge Place is my ancestor's home. And though it's not so much a literary place, I've personally read about it in my own family history books, so I added it. Also, if you've seen the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice, this is the house they used. They now do tours there. Unfortunately for us it was closed the only day we could go see it. But we did get some great pictures of the outside. 

The white cliffs of Dover. Wow, how beautiful! Has anyone read a book where they were mentioned? I'm curious. It seems like a place that should be written about. 

Kings Cross Station. Wish we could've gone in, but we were on a mission that day and couldn't spare the time. 

And next just some other random pics from London. I think you'll recognize some of these =)

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
You'd be surprised how hard it is to get a great shot of Buckingham Palace. This wasn't the best view, but you get the idea.
The second one was better, I think.

You've got to zoom in on this one. I loved the ads on these buses.

Shakespeare's theater

Shakespeare's Theater

Tower of London exhibit honoring those who fought in WWI I believe.  

Anyway, that's all for now. I may post more. There was at least one other pic that was book worthy that I should put on here. This is a drop in the bucket. I think I took over 3000 pics. But man! If you ever can--I know how hard/expensive it is--go to EUROPE! So much culture there, so much to learn and see and experience. And so much fodder for stories.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laziness in writing and vacation time baby!

I'm going to write possibly my last post for the next three weeks or so because not to get all excited, but



Don't you just hate people that say things like that? I do too. But...

Yeah, I'm sorry. Feel free to hate me. I was lucky enough to live in Germany for three years as a teen because of my dad's work with the LDS church. It was hard, painful, terrifying (not knowing the language and all and going to local Germany schools) AND the best thing that could have happened to me and I wouldn't change those years for anything.

So, what happens when I get married? (this is about fifteen years ago)...My parents take all my siblings but me back. I tried not to be jealous. It was hard. But hey, I got to babysit the cat for a while there, so that was fun. ALMOST as fun as going to Europe. So, when my dad passed away not quite two years ago my mom decided it would be a nice break to treat herself and my husband and I (also to make up for that trip lo all those years ago) and take us to Europe. We decided to wait until she was up to it, and here we are, ready to leave in just two weeks!

You don't feel bad about me going now, do you?


But that's all off topic. If I have to have a theme for this post it would be laziness.
Didn't expect that did you? Oh yeah, it's in the title of the post.

So, what does laziness have to do with writing? Well, I think it may be obvious. Sometimes, (and I hope I haven't written a post like this yet...probably I have, but I'm getting old...36 now, you know. Gettin' gray hairs and everything) when we are learning the rules of writing, what keeps us from following through? Why aren't our stories magically executed in perfection?


At least for me, I think this is it. Practice also helps. Sometimes we can't get it right the first time. But in all honesty, I think it's laziness and we don't even realize it.

Yes, I think I've written a post like this before. =) But this is on my mind all the time. I'm always pushing myself to not give up just because things don't seem to come out the way I want even after wishing on that sparkly star in the sky each night. I'm tellin' ya, it's not usual for those stars to come down and write your book for you. It sucks. What's wrong with them anyway? I mean, I took the time to talk to them and everything and not just stare up at them with manga anime eyes, adoringly.

Give it a try. If you're not executing things the way you've learned, take the time and really work on it until it comes out the way you like. The inspiration will come. I promise. And if it doesn't, I'll help you (not that I know much more than you do probably =).

Anyway, Adios, unless I find the time in all my packing and planning to blog again. And next time I'll be totally awesome and write something unique for a change. Eh?

In the meantime, tell me what you've learned lately. I'd love to hear. Or read, whichever...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Saying Goodbye to a friend

I wasn't sure I wanted to write this post. But I will...

My critique partner and friend, Estee Wood, passed away last week. This was harder one me than I thought it would be. We've only ever met in person once, but right away I felt a close connection to her. She has always been an awesome friend and writing critter with so many strengths I'm sure I don't know all of them.

In her last days she didn't even let me know how much she was suffering with her cancer, but she did one final critique for me anyway. I can't express what that means to me, or how much it hurts. I wish I could have been more help to her. I wish I would've gone to visit her one last time whether I was up to it or not. I wish I could've seen her reach her publishing dream before she went. I wish so many things.

But one thing is for certain. Her family was the most important thing to her. No matter how much we dream and want to accomplish, family is what counts most of all as well as other relationships we build around us.

We don't take our achievements with us when we die, unless they are achievements of goodness, virtue, charity. These she had in spades/

I hope I can be as strong as Estee during my trials. She was a trooper.

Love you, Estee.

Until we meet again.