Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning and Querying

Okay, so it's not spring. But it sure feels like it! Holy cow! Talk about crazy weather! I'm so loving the warm temperatures, though. Aren't you?

So, here's a random pic that I love. Taken on the banks of the Thames river when I was in Europe this past fall. I don't know why this interests me, but can't you imagine a story just from this picture?

What happened to this person? Why did they lose a shoe? Was it some ruckusy party that she was a part of and just got too drunk and decided to throw her shoe overboard? (Which is just another reason one should never drink. I hate losing shoes! Or getting kidnapped, which is my next point). Or was it a scary incident of kidnapping (see) where she was, of course, drunk, tried to hit her assailant with the sharp end of her stiletto, he slapped it out of her hand, and it got tossed into the Thames? Either way there had to be a boat involved, I'm thinking.

What gives you inspiration? I love seeing new places (and sometimes old ones I'm familiar with) and coming up with a background story. Also, there were a lot of interesting people on this trip. I took pictures of some of them when they weren't looking. Sorry O:). Frankly, some types of people really used to scare me, but to get over it I imagine them as characters in my book and then decide what happened in their life to produce their current state-of-self.

On an awesomer note, I am now done with edits and also with writing my query letter for DEAD LIBRARY! My critter will be looking it over and then PHEW, I will submit my story. Wish me luck! (No really, I'll need it!)

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