Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why we write for teens

Between birthday bashes and buying a house I've had very little time to post,  but in the after math of craziness, watching my old favorite ANNE OF GREEN GABLES,  I had a thought. Why do I write for teens? 

I've probably written about this before,  but in a different light let's think about why teens read at all.  For me it wasn't only escape. It was more than that. Let's be honest,  whether a teen has valid reason or not,  they think their lives are pretty sucky. Whatever situation there's a void that needs filling. Maybe they don't have friends. Maybe they have parents that aren't understanding. Or maybe their situation is less than desirable.

The world isn't the pretty picture our parents often times paint for us.

In our teen years we discover this. That life's a complex place where things are tough. There are trials we all face that sometimes we don't think we can handle. Even if we had it hard as kids-in the teen years our faith that things will work out wavers.

This is where books can be beneficial. They allow us to have friends that care and have parents that (hopefully) love us,  where trials find happy endings.

Now I'm not going into preaching mode. This is just where I leave all you fellow writers and others to ponder. I'm sure I could list lots of scenarios in which books help. But maybe you can add those in the comments.

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