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Genre: YA sci/fan

"How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state?"


Army brat, Christian Lewis just wants to settle down, make friends and find the girl who's been alluding him. Oh, and be a Navy SEAL so he can get away from his uber uptight Dad. But a mystery person--who can control his dreams--has different ideas. Christian's life soon becomes a battle to discover who is bringing him into a hidden library ancient philosopher's used to hide a higher knowledge from the world. Knowledge they decided mankind couldn't handle, because greed soon destroys all who get it. Problem? Someone else knows about the hidden library and will do anything to be in control of it, even kill all those Christian holds dear.


A Sleeping Beauty sequal


Seventeen year old, Shannon, leads a serioulsy messed-up life: She has never watched TV, doesn't know her last name (and don't all the characters in her books have last names?), has never left the perfect little forest glade where she lives, and has never met or spoken to anyone other than Aura, the little old woman who cares for her. Aura, also, is keeping secrets from her. For example, how is it that one minute her hand is bleeding and the next it is fine?

The call of the world is much stronger than Shannon's desire to find out what Aura is hiding. Shannon is determined to leave the forrest to go to a place she has only heard about: The City--right before her seventeenth birthday. But the world is an uncertain place when she finds that someone is after her. Add that to Aura's secrets and her life reaches epich disaster. She finds love, and parents she never knew existed, but before she can experience her new life an enemy discovers her and takes her away with the intention of taking more than just her life.

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