Monday, August 6, 2012


What?? How did this happen?

Begins in only ONE WEEK!

For those of you who don't know about this wonderful conference, it is online, free, and very entertaining! So many different authors, agents, editors, etc bring so much information to the masses. And did I mention it's FREE? 

I have attended the first two and am so pleased that this will be a yearly event now. There are talks you can read at your leisure, as well as live chats to participate in (so have questions ready!), which are also available later on for you to read through. There is a live Forum for people talking about many many topics, and door prizes and contests. (Time to sharpen our prose).

If you scroll down the side panel of this blog you will notice a count down widget for WriteOnCon. To get your own simply click on the 'get widget' portion on the bottom. If you need help from there, just ask.  

For more information about their events (looks like they are going to start doing more than just the main annual conference), just click on this link. The site is very user friendly.

So, has anyone out there gone and would like to share their favorite part of WriteOnCon in the comments? 

My favorite part has to be the live chats. I love seeing how down to earth these professionals are, and the gals running the event are hilarious and so sweet. And you'd think that being one in such a large number of writer-wanna-be's that you'd never get the time of day, but I've personally had several questions answered.

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