Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Despicable Me

I'm surprised I am even doing a review of this movie. A few weeks ago, if my husband had asked me if I wanted to watch this movie, I would have said, "Meh." But he went ahead and rented it without me knowing, we sat down as a fam to watch it. 


This movie was so unexpected to me. I really didn't have high hopes for it, even though that first scene that I saw in preview was pretty funny. The writing was fresh, clever, original. The story line definitely different. And these guys:

(LOVE minions!)

I really don't think they gave enough away in the previews, but maybe that's what kept it exciting for me. The little girls weren't in the previews at all that I remember (were they?) and I loved their little personalities and the funny things they did/said. They remind me of my two little girls. So cute! This is a good example of taking something normal and pushing it up a notch. All parents can relate to the silly things these girls did. But I think what gave it the most impact was the portraying off extreme opposites. You've got three seemingly normal girls (but add to the fact that they are orphans makes you love them even more) and add one villainous bad guy who decides to adopt them for his evil ploys = One great comedic blend.

I don't know if it was an emotional high/low day for me, but there were even times in the movie that I was near tears. (Probably because these girls are orphans and I have adopted and by the end of the movie it made me want to go adopt ten more kids)

So, if you want a lesson on originality in script, watch this movie. It definitely inspired me. This movie has become a must-buy for our family.

If  you have watched it, tell me what you thought!


Maria said...

I loved it too, worth re-watching, and it has elements that appeal to all ages.

Jenna Cooper said...

I love this movie! And you're right, the minions are hilarious. My roommates and I watched the bonus features and were surprised to find out Julie Andrews voiced Gru's mother. But it's totally her when you listen for it.

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Really?? I did not know that. I will have to watch it again to listen to the voice.

Bryon said...

The kids were cute in this film but not as cute as films such as Monsters Inc. While the child in this movie (Boo) doesn’t actually speak, she is endearing in spite of that fact and the kids here are lacking such qualities to make them memorable. The Minions are cute too, but not very memorable either. I think this is a film that a child would fall in love with and remember as an adult with fond emotions. Recently I have been so busy and I hardly ever watch TV at home. When I have a spare moment I watch a show or in this case I saw this movie on my tablet when I was out of town on business. It’s really nice with my DISH Network employee Sling adapter because I have TV anywhere my internet goes and I use it all the time.