Thursday, May 26, 2011

You'll love this....

So I broke one of the cardinal rules of Kathryn P Roberts today. I actually WENT TO YouTube to LOOK around. *GASP* I mean, for fun, right? Normally I don't go there unless I am looking for something specific, like an illegally downloaded movie to watch (since I'm lazy like that), or if someone says I HAVE to go see *insert video title here*. Otherwise I don't like to waste my time there. I am very utilitarian like that.

The reason for this lapse in sanity was that my brain happens to now be fried and I wanted to do a 'fun' post today. Since I really can't think of anything intelligent to post about, I went for the unintelligent. Although I'm pretty sure whoever made this video was 88% genius, 35% plain old silly. (Yes, that is more than 100%, because...I like to see people as more than a number.)

So, if you're with me and have had enough of writing/revising/query-letter-writing/querying/etc. than follow me to the land of non-absolutes....

And for all you sciency-types like me, you may like this next video. Or not. But it's interesting none-the-less.

Now, I didn't know whether to gape in awe over this or just laugh out loud. I think I did a little of both. What I love about this video is that these guys really thought outside the box. I hate how (I, you, us, me) we think that since we buy something a certain way we can never change it, or explore our options.

The writerly tie-in?

Think outside the box. No one wants a cookie-cutter book. And who says that because someone else hasn't thought to do it that it won't work? That's how the best things get written/invented/DONE.

The rest of the thoughts are up to you. What do you think? What say you? You can find inspiration in the meagerest of things.

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ZapAdRem said...

That first video kind of blew my mind, not gonna lie. And the second one made the nerd in me (read: all of me) very excited.

And I agree. I love it when I go to Barnes & Noble and see a book that's different from the others on the shelf, because it seems like everything is driven by what's popular and the formulas that work. Sometimes it's not about putting a new spin on things but making something altogether new.