Monday, May 23, 2011

Spell check, no really, spell C.H.E.C.K.

Now, I'm gonna be brave her and say thet I theenk its sillee when peeple dont use their spell bheck before publishing their lbog posts. I meen cum on! It aint hard to go bak and chec this things. All yer gotta do is yuse that scrally thing on tha side pannl and reed bacc ovr yer post ant see iv it maks sens. Rigt?

Donna ya hat it when pipple don't pay attenshon to they're spellin'?

Drivs me battee.

Kenya not spell?

R wii writters er wut?

jus checkin'

Luvs ya.

Dats all oder, ya'll.." >>>>

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A Backwards Story said...

I don't spellcheck, but I do read over what I wrote for errors. I usually "feel" or see the errors as I type, so they're fixed that second. I used to always forget to spell-check papers for class because of this. When I would spell-check, Word would almost always only bring up fragment errors to ignore, so I got out of the spellchecking habit. *ducks*