Wednesday, May 18, 2011

See Katniss come to life. Or: Jennifer Lawrence with brown hair.

Does this look animated to you? Something about it just looks fake...but I guess that's the way all covers are becoming now-a-days, right?

Sorry about the two posts in one day. Sheesh. Some weeks I can't even come up with something interesting today because all the creativity has been sucked dry. But I had to jump on this before it became old news. (Or maybe it already is and I'm slow to see it).

So, it looks like Gary Ross is filming in earnest now. If you click on the link above you can read the whole article, but it sounds like actress, Jennifer Lawrence, is doing some heavy-duty training for her part in the movie. Learning to shoot arrows, etc.

I guess I didn't realize how old she really is. Twenty years old and playing a sixteen year old. That's a far stretch don't you think? I hope they can pull it off.

To sum up the article, Jennifer talks about how strange it is for people showing up at her house all the time, trying on shoes, clothes and messing with her hair. I guess I thought she had this sort of 'trouble' before, in rolls like Mystique in X-Men First Class . But she and Mr. Ross had to laugh and realize that the character of Katniss had to put up with that, too. Good training. In different way.

In another article (same website) it talks about where the movie will be filmed, and where PANEM will come to be. QUOTE:

On the website for the town of Hildebran, N.C., an area about an hour outside of Charlotte, there’s a slogan that reads, “We brag a little… it’s our town.” Soon, Hildebran’s citizens might have something more to boast about: According to local officials, the small town (its population is less than 2,000) is being transformed into the country of Panem for the big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.

It's funny. You don't realize how movies can take over places, totally transform them. I used to think all movies were in some set in Hollywood. Either that or a completely foreign country. And maybe that used to be the case. Maybe. But just think how this will affect the people of that city. Actually, I think it would be pretty exciting to drive down the street where I live and say, "Hey, look, they are filming today for LOTR." (Yeah, total dream there. Actually, I'd love to live in N.Z. where that movie is being filmed.)

Supposedly the town is a ghost town, abandoned and rural. Which would be perfect for the film.--->

 Anywho, what are your thoughts? Are we all getting more and more excited? Or are there some of you let down by all this craziness?

And PS. Don't forget to check out my review of THE SWEETEST THING below. I posted twice today.


Britt said...

I am trying not to get excited. I don't want to be let down. I am preparing myself for something very different from the book though. It's one of those stories that I just don't think a movie will be the same or do the story justice. But...I still have hope that it will be an enjoyable movie. Hopefully they will keep it PG-13...hopefully.

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Gary Ross, the director, did an interview stating that he wants a younger audience to be able to watch and enjoy the movie, so he is making sure it isn't too gruesome =). Which makes this mommy a happy camper.

A Backwards Story said...

It will also make this squeamish girl a happy camper! I want to see this BUT I'm afraid of the gore! Even pg-13 can be bad....

I'm getting more and more excited. They made her LOOK like Katniss!!!

Scott Niven said...

I can't wait for this movie! I'm saving the Entertainment Weekly article for next week (my beach vacation), so I haven't read through it yet. I grew up near Charlotte and I'm now in Raleigh, so I may have to make the drive to "Panem" to check it out!