Tuesday, December 14, 2010

REVIEW: The Scorch Trials

For anyone who hasn't at least begun this series, here is a big push. The MAZE RUNNER series by James Dashner is a must buy. I was drawn in from the very first paragraph of the very first book. I briefly talk about the first book here, but perhaps I can give you a little more info to help along your decision to run out to B&N or your favorite Indie store right away.

In the Maze runner you are pulled in at the very beginning by learning that the MC, Thomas (no last name = intrigue), is stuck in some sort of elevator (not the lush hotel types, but dark, large, metal and creepy). He can't remember anything about his past, where he is going, or anything about himself other than his name. Right off the bat you want to know WHY? HOW? WHERE? WHOSITS?
At the end of this book you find out that the world is very bad, much different than Thomas was hoping (no spoilers here) and you feel like something really bad is about to happen. The 'trials' are not over, they are just beginning.

THE SCORCH TRIALS my friends, starts out just where we leave off at the end of the first book, and is just as amazing, if not better. Thomas and his crew of Slint-heads (he comes up with the most bizarre/funny/creative slang) are in the real world and must make it to a safe area alive. Now, this is hard because I don't want to give anything away, but let me tell you it is an intense ride. Right in the middle of the book there was a scene that scared me right out of my pants. I litterally could NOT read it in a room all by myself. I lept up the stairs, into my bedroom where my husband was watching some Criminal show and huddled under the covers so I could read the rest. Needlesstosay, my husband had a good laugh at my expense and I swore to him I would have nightmares that night. (Thankfully I didn't. One good thing about books: you don't have definite images in your mind to haunt you the rest of your mortal life).

This book was seriously intense, even had a quazi-love triangle going on, and a relationship that girls would even appreciate which kept you on edge and make your heart quake. Definite adventure and many other effects that boys would appreciate, and I left off wanting more. Too bad I have to wait until October 2011 to finish off the series! *sniff sniff*
And I want to know when this series is going to be picked up by Warner Bro. or some other such Co. This would be a very intense (don't I use that word a lot?) movie that would make even guys have an accident in their pants...especially in the movie theater.  Wouldn't that be awesome?!! (not the accidents part, the theater part...)

I can't wait to read the third, but for those of you who haven't started this series, GET WITH IT! =) And coincidentally, if you notice all the links to the side of my blog, there are many many contests going on where you could win a copy of this fabulous book. Each person has their own contests going as well as a BIR2010 grand prize for one person to win practially a million books at once. Contest ends today, some tomorrow, so hurry over! AND if I happen to win another copy I will be sure to have a contest of my own to give it away to a lucky follower! (Let's all hope, right?)


Krista V. said...

Thanks for this review, Kathryn. I started THE MAZE RUNNER several months ago, didn't finish it before I had to give it back to the library, and just haven't gotten around to ordering it again. This is just what I needed to get excited about that book/series again.

Also, I'm glad you made it through your writer's block. Your excitement for your new idea is, well, exciting:) I wish you the very best with this latest manuscript (and with the old one, too).

K.M. Weiland said...

Getting readers to ask questions in the opening chapter is the single most important element in convincing them to read on. Sounds like this book nailed it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!