Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving the story forward. OR: Creating Drama

Just a short thought today. Still unpacking. Life is hectic. I ran across this draft of a post, however, that I thought I would share.

Here is a comment I posted on someone's blog post about someone writing a screenplay (the blog post had similar helpful hints to any fiction writer about moving the story forward.) here is the link if you want to view the article : Article Here

Great post. I think it is always a good idea to give your characters 'business' (as we learn in drama). And it is also a constant struggle to weed out those scenes that aren't moving the story forward. (Killing those babies!) The reader is smart, they don't need every little thing explained to them. They need a plot and they also need subtext, but they don't need a history lesson. Every single word, scene, act should have a reason behind it...hopefully. That is what I am trying to do with my story. I will get rid of parts that don't mean enough to keep in, don't propell the story, and then make every word count. This has already cut out almost 15,000 words of my book (which was overlong).

Anyway, just a thought. Hope that helps. Some day I will get back to posting regularly.

Another note: Saturday is my BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! (Should I be this excited about getting older? Some people think I am abnormal). Soooo, I am trying to talk my mom into, instead of taking me out to eat, buying me a couple of books with the money she would have spent instead. (((bwahahaha))). Coniving? NO. Smart.


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Happy Early Birthday! :)

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Natalie said...

I think that is such an important lesson to learn. I hate reading books where the author goes on 50 page tangents about things that don't pertain to the story. I think we as writers sometimes get so into our vision of the characters and their interactions that we forget that we're telling a story, not doing a life sketch. I love reading stories that are concise.

I hope you had a great birthday!