Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do you read? And, What do you think about bookstore reading?


Confession: Today I am selfish.

For the most part, I have tried to post things that are useful to I am in the middle of a move, yet still thinking about my goal of reading as many books as I possibly can before re-starting the revision process again, I would like to hear YOUR opinion on what you have read recently. What do you like as of this moment? And WHY?

I, of course, check Amazon and Barnes & Noble quite frequently, as any 'would be' author should, but I love hearing what other people think about the books they have read. Do they have merit? Are they entertaining? What was it about them that made you keep turning those pages? (and please don't mention TWILIGHT...I have exhausted that path).

And while we are on the subject... How do you feel about people sitting in the local B&N, downing their sumptuous coffees', sinking down into tempting arm chairs, reading books that don't belong to them as though they were in a public library??

Now, I am not saying this is a horrible thing to do. From time to time I wish I had the courage to sneak a lengthy peak at certain books of interest, hoping that no one will notice that I don't leave after the acceptable half hour of window shopping, or actual purchase of said books (and really in all reality stay all day long because I am SOOO loving the book I am reading).

I am too timid. Or, well, I am in certain situations =). My own dear sweet older brother spent hours and hours on end doing this. After a while he switched to libraries (where reading for hours on end was more acceptable) and in the process found his future bride...hahaha...a librarian! BUT that is another story.  (hmmm...maybe I should write a story about that...mmm...NAH =).

You know people like this. Those people that sit in the bookstore for so long that they 'look' like they have been sitting there all day. With piles of books around them, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they just kicked off their shoes right away, pulled a pillow out of their purse (or man-purse as the case may be), stuffed it behind their backs...Heck, they could pull a 'Mary Poppins' and grab a lamp out of there for late night reading. That would be great. If only they could bring popcorn...or ice cream, or chocolate, to accompany their stolen reading sessions...but, of course, they MUST purchase something from the 'coffee bar'. B&N, I'm sure like any movie theater, would have rules against such personal accommodations.

Okay, I'm rambling. My imagination is a quirky thing. (Just kick me). Can you say 'tangent'?

Anywho. Thoughts? Comments? Love to hear from y'all!

Sorry my posts aren't regular. Give me a couple of months...or hopefully less. But no promises! =)


Anonymous said...

I do wish I had the courage to do that, but like you, I'm much too timid and embarrassed to do that. Personally, I find reading an entire novel, etc. in the bookstore a little... iffy. It's fine, probably, if you buy a book from time to time. But just read without ever buying? Well, it's not "wrong," per se, but if I were the store employees, I'd be a bit irritated.

Jojomama said...

Rachel's Holiday, by Marian Keyes is brilliant. Funny, tragic, and true. About a girl who goes into rehab against her will because her drug addiction is ruining her life. Excellent read.
I like sitting in bookstores and is a little haven. Surrounded by books and quiet customers and the smell of coffee. A cozy getaway.

Nicole said...

I have been on a Jane Austen kick lately. I really love reading from this time period, and seeing how pertinent some of the themes are today. As far as more contemporary reading, I love YA books. I have read a few of Polly Horvath's books (I read My One Hundred Adventures and Northward to the moon earlier this year, and just started Everything on a Waffle). Her books have strong characters, a mesmerizing writing style, and unusual stories that really captivate. She also did a signing at King English and she was a fun speaker.

I also adore Libba Bray. I read the whole Gemma Doyle series in a few weeks and then read Going Bovine Later. They are all excellent. They are very different in style, but equally good stories. Her character development is impeccable. You really get to know the people in her book. They were books I was very sad to have end. I wanted more!

So that was long winded.....I really love to read! :)

Tahereh said...

ok, i don't think i could ever sit in a bookstore and read an entire novel. for a number of reasons:

1. i think that would be cruel to my fellow author brothers and sisters.

2. that's what libraries are for.

3. i do not have the GUTS to do that. lol.

the only time i've ever done that was when i was a kid, and i'd read the entirety of a 45 page Full House novel at the bookstore. and i'd only do that because i couldn't afford those books, and my parents would never buy them for me.

kids can find sneaky ways to read, haha.

but i know what you mean.

this is a toughie..


great post!