Thursday, August 14, 2014

Navy SEALs

Navy SEALS are heroes! Wow.

Had my interview with former Navy SEAL man. His experiences were just what I read about, but it was great hearing his point of view of things. Boy, do they go through a lot! For example, the first week (lovingly entitled 'Hell Week') they don't sleep. Ever. On top of which they have to do extreme physical stuff, like carry a 200lbs boat around with them every where they go. Or doing exercises with a giant log. Or running on a soft-sanded beach. And if you fall behind, you become a part of the 'Goon Squad', where they Sugar-cookie you (Roll in the wet sand) and make you do extra work before finishing the run.

Not only will this information now round out my MC, but what I learned can help with 'battle plans' later on. Sort of like the Harry Potter idea where Harry learns things throughout the year and then applies it. I don't think that is ever a cliche.

The only downer? I asked former Navy SEAL dude what he read when he was younger. He was into Non-Fiction books that would help him prepare to be a Navy SEAL. And Stephen King =). But maybe I can grab guy readers who'll appreciate a fictional view of things realistic. It's not as easy getting into a guy's head as a female, like I used to think. Growing up with mainly men all around helped, but I have had to dig deeper. It's an experience I love as a writer, though. It's always a good thing to try to understand others, especially those most different from you. Think of all the wars fought throughout history. They all began because of a difference of opinion.

Just thinking aloud here.

Anyway, there you have it. Carry on, people. Carry on.

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