Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Thanks for being patient with me readers. I notice there are still a lot of visitors even with no new posts, so thank you.

We're heading into a terribly busy time of year and with it--for me-- come a lot of new projects. I'm desperately wanting to get back into editing my novel. I don't know how author/illustrators do it. I've been painting a mural and have two other painterly projects coming up (some of which I will be posting over on my other blog, theartsideofme.blogspot.com). And in between times come my critique responsibilities. (Yeah for Critters!)

So, tell me this, how do you balance YOUR life? Some days it seems hard to even sit down to make a schedule. On top of which things happen, like sick kids, and plumbing nightmares (this was my life this weekend). I love life, however. I'm glad I don't have deadlines looming over me right now, but some day things may change. I'm up for it. Or I will die trying =). (Probably more true than I really believe!)

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