Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Hunger Games Frenzy: Filmmakers deffend their choices

Let the casting frenzy begin.

Yesterday I was woefully tardy in making a post about the news of Josh Hutcherson being cast as Peeta and Liam Hensworth being cast as Gale in the Hunger Games movie. Which is something I have been checking for since I found out this awesome series was going to be made into a movie. So, let's see if I can add to the gazillion of posts already out there on the subject.

Today, The Los Angeles Times shared the thoughts of the filmmakers, or rather their explanation of why they chose who they did to play the parts of Gale and Peeta. It is as I suspected, that these actors were chosen for their acting ability (despite what crying fans are saying) rather than their natural ability to look like the characters in said book.

Now, I admit I wasn't overly excited when I heard any of these casting choices (based on looks). But I think most, if not all, will admit that acting ability should come before looks alone. I for one am still excited to see how this turns out. Even though Josh Hutcherson doesn't come off as an obvious Peeta for me and many others, I allow this to be the fault of his past movie-making career as a child actor. (Sometimes it's really hard to let these guys grow up, eh? I still see him as a kid). But I can see how he could do justice to the part.

As for Liam, well, with a name like that, you can't go wrong. (**cough** my son's name is William, aka Liam**cough**) I actually haven't seen him act so I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure with a little hair-dye he could be a great Gale. Which goes for Jennifer Lawrence as well. The more I think about her, the more I know she will be awesome in this part.

So, bring it. What are your thoughts?  (if you haven't already shared them ad nasium on other blogs already...or really even if you have I'd like to hear)

PS. Am I the only one late in realizing Jennifer Lawrence was also cast as Mystique in X-Men First Class? Interesting. See, she can morph into the correct look, oui?

Pss. Take a look at Nathan Bransford's blog on virtual witch hunts before sharing desparaging comments. I thought this was a great lesson for everyone. Even those not trying to break into the writing profession, or any profession at all. 'It's nice to be nice to the nice' as my daddy used to say. But really, shouldn't we be nice to everyone?


A Backwards Story said...

I think acting should come first, too! Movie magic can always transform how one looks. They've already said they're dying Jennifer's hair. Who knows what else they'll do? They're definitely aware... As long as they don't try to *change* everything like Avatar: The Last Airbender did, we'll be golden!

Chersti Nieveen said...

Yes yes yes!! Acting should come first. There are other shows (which shall remain nameless...) where they were chosen completely on looks and all the lines just fall flat and now I have this strong love/hate relationship with the book. However, The Princess Bride was a movie taken from a book that is just so charming. But it's so important to note that every single character can act, and does it so well that the lines are quotable and the movie lives on.

I'm more worried about how violent it will be. I get so queasy sometimes, and my imagination just skips right over the gore in the book. But the youtube clip didn't bother me (even though that's not a "real" movie promo), so I think I'll survive!

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

I agree, Chersti, about the violence. But in one article I read from the director he assured people that he wouldn't make it so gorry that it would have to be rated R. He wants the younger crowd to be able to watch the movies as well. So, I'm happy about that. Violence in books is one thing, but in movies it affects you more. At least it affects ME more.