Friday, November 19, 2010

Let go or Work harder?

Aprilynne Pike had an awesome post today about really becoming authors that I think is a must read for all aspiring writers. Check it out! This is something that I worried about for some time. Was I not letting go of a dying manuscript? Was I wasting time with something unpolished (that would never cut it)?

I am happy to say that I have put the blood sweat and tears into my book that Aprilynne suggests you do before querying. I made the mistake of querying too early, learned lessons, then queried more, and then after many revisions realized my book could still be better. I now look at my MS with a new perspective, knowing what to look for and now when Beta's look at my book it doesn't hurt anymore. I am close, but am able to realize that I'm not quite there yet. And that's okay. I have a plan and a vision of what my book should be, and I am determined to get there.

All of you out there in query-land, don't get impatient because you want to get published NOW. There is time. I'm pretty sure most of your aren't dying from a fatal disease and have only months to live (and if you are I am terribly, horribly, extremely sorry!). You have a long life ahead of you and if you put the work in, it will pay off some day. We all have our moments, our time to shine. I keep telling myself that and I'm feeling better about the wait all the time! =) No longer will I compare myself to others and think, 'I should be at their level'. This isn't a competition. Writing should be fun and for whatever 'good' purpose you want to do it for.

So, if you have put pen to paper, started something, I solute you. You have taken the first step and we are kindred spirits! Join the club of painful heartache mingled with sprinkles of pure happiness! It comes with the territory. And remember, anything WORTH DOING is going to take time and isn't going to be easy!

I'm happy today, can you tell?


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Shallee said...

Great reminder to do the best you can, and to appreciate wherever you are in the process! Thanks for sharing.