Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspire yourself

Rachelle Gardner had a great post today with an interview with author Dave Cullen. He gave great advice that really made me strengthen my strides in perfecting the craft.

We have all heard many many many times to read read read! I want to issue a challenge, not only to you, but to myself. I challenge (us) to take the next month off of writing and read as much as we can. My goal is to purchase three new books, of which I haven't read, and study them. Keep in mind your personal weaknesses as a writer (we all have them) and see how well (or maybe not well...let's face it, every author has their strengths) the author of the book you are reading captures their audience, developes characters, setting, plot, structure, syntax, dialogue, you name it. And at the end of the month (for me it will be June, because that is my birthday month =) report back and tell me how you did. In return I will tell you all how I did and what I learned. Deal??  Deal!!! =)

This will be a great time for me to do it because of my ickly move =-). (Yes, I hate packing up, even though change can be refreshing). And Mark...I know you are out there in the void! YOU have to do this, too =).

Yes, this is a rediculous picture of me as a young adult reading one of my favorite teen fiction books written by LJ Smith (Vampire Diaries). A note about myself.: I was so obsessed with reading/writing that I made my sister and cousins listen to me read the whole series out loud to them instead of doind something 'fun' like go shopping or watch a movie or whatever normal teens/YA do. =) I guess when you have it in your blood, there is nothing more exciting, right?

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