Monday, April 19, 2010

For Historical Purposes

Anyone want to donate a brandnew laptop?

Oh the joy! My computer, on which I am typing my MS, loves to shut down without a moments notice, making it hard for me to save my work. It is, of course, plugged in, because it never holds a is VERY old. 

But NOW it won't even register that it is plugged in and tells me VERY frequently that I need to change my power source because the battery life is spent. Yeah! I re-plug in my cord. The display shows it recognizes my action. (Note: It doesn't usually recognize this action). I continue typing. The next thing I know the screen is blank and my computer is shutting unsaved. sa;sa#$#&simf**sinfl!!!

So, that is how my day is going.  Anyone else want to share? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


MBW aka Olleymae said...

Ahhh, I think this happens to all aspiring writers. Same exact thing happened to my laptop when I was writing my first draft. I think it's a challenge, like, "Do you really want to be a writer?"

Just make sure you save like every 30 seconds :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how frustrating. This might sound crazy, but have you thought of writing your first draft by hand (if that's where you are in your MS)? I do this, and not only does it save my eyes from that Swiss-cheesy feel they get in front of the computer, but the couch is MUCH comfier than my pilates ball/desk chair.
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