Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MIND GAMES by Kiersten White--short review


 WOW! There are only two words that come to mind after reading a book like this: HOLY CRAP!
 There's a reason this book is entitled MIND GAMES. I seriously felt terrorized reading about these girls' lives. I guess that's a good thing. But if you're reading this thinking it's going to be anything like the humorous warm fuzzies that the PARANORMALCY series was, think again.

 Kiersten White blew me away with her writing skills in this book. Not only does she keep you on your toes, but she creates a terrifyingly real setting where lady hit-woman can be born. The deep characterization lends itself to the reality perfectly. I'm not going to add much more than that. No spoilers here. But if you're looking for a scare, this book is great to read around the proverbial campfire. Youngsters beware. Read with caution.

For those looking for a 'clean read', I will say that this has teenage drinking in it (although it might make sense to you why while reading). And violent scenes. Although, it isn't too graphic or overly sexual.

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