Friday, July 6, 2012

Can you go back...

to your first novel and work out the kinks?

I've finally understood why so many people say to write your first novel, work to death on it, blood, sweat and tears and all that jazz...And then ditch it.

I don't know about any of you other writers out there, but I'm still attached to my first shiny idea. I even decided to go back--after writing my second novel--and revamp. Actually do it right this time.

BOY is it going to be a lot of work!

I'm biting a lot off with this one. First, I'm changing from third person past tense to first person present. Second, I'm actually plotting it out properly. No more pantsing for me. Note cards and the whole shibang. Plus, there will be several plot points that will have to be done away with. And, of course, more research this time around. Yes, I was one of those people who thought I could wing it. Not any more!

I'm finally to the point where I realize (with more experience now) that I need to take to heart the advice of all those beta readers eons ago. As well as put to use the knowledge that I've accrued. One of the tips being to keep a steady pulse in my work. A rythm. I did this with my second book, but the first is so stark in comparison with all its mistakes. And boy did I have a lot of ticks back then!

All I can say now is, I'm so thankful for all the free advice one can get on the web nowadays. Isn't it awesome that we don't have to always go out to the library (not that libraries aren't absolutely the awesomest thing!), or take classes, or travel? I LOVE it!

Have any of you gone back to your first idea and redone it? How did you work it out? Or not work it out?

I LOVE hearing from you!

PS. If you can count just how many cliches I wrote in this post, I'll give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS! No, just kidding. Nice try, though.

PSS. It's good to be alive!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thirty years later, I returned to the first story I'd ever written. The storyline was awful but the characters were strong, so I completely rewrote it. That manuscript became my first published book, CassaStar.
It is possible!

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Thanks Alex. That's nice to know! And congrats!

David P. King said...

I'm exactly the same, yet I'm okay not letting my first novel see the light of day. It hurts the cranium to read it now. :)