Friday, September 30, 2011

The Corny Halloween Contest Winner...

And the award of Infamy in Corniness goes to......

-----------------------FLOOR TOM DRUM ROLL-------------------------

Laura Packer Bromberger!!!

Here is her joke:

When the great pumpkin gets a crack in his shell, what does he use to fix it?
A pumpkin patch :)

***Cue Maniacal laughter***

Gotta love anything that has to do with Peanuts, right?

Way to go Laura! You are the best Schwester ever! Thanks for the other participants. I'll just go ahead and blacklist the people who didn't participate. Ha. Okay, maybe I won't.

Ah. I love Snoopy. How can you not love a dancing dog?


LPB said...

this is my riveting remark.. thanks :)

Julie said...

Haha! I heart Halloween!

And holy crap, I LOVE your blog! Everything is soooo pretty! Here's me adding my number to your get-to-300 pool of followers!

P.s. I'm stealing your Hunger Games widget too. Its just that cool.

JRuud said...

Awesome!! Love the blog.

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Thanks Julie and JRuud! Nice to have you here!

Evan said...

love this!!!! and love that you brought charlie brown back into my thoughts (: