Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing in your dreams...

Have you ever stayed up writing so late, and gotten into your book so much that when you go to bed at night your story sticks with you?

Last night my book took on a life of its own in dreamland. My characters totally didn't do what I asked them to do and made up their own plots. I'm sure you have experienced this, right? Or am I just crazy? I ended up taking the part of Shannon, my MC, but the villian came into the story way too soon and started chasing me around when it shouldn't have been that way at all.

And to make things worse, my hero was dawdling and didn't come to my rescue at all. He sat in a cafeteria of sorts, in some mall, having lunch. Just chillin'. What's that all about? Didn't he see me run by, screaming? Nope. He was too busy checking out some other hottie. AND THEY ATE TOGETHER!
ME: Running away from bad guy.
HERO: Chillin' with hotties!

It's too bad, really, that they didn't give me a clue as to where my book was heading, or give me advice on how to write a particular scene. What's the use of dream-writing if you can't continue where you left off?

I love dreams, however. Isn't it amazing what your brain comes up with? It adds together all the subtleties of your day (or week even), blends them together in a way you wouldn't think to do and you come up with worlds that couldn't possibly exist in real life.

Of course I wouldn't have wanted to live in the world I was in last night. Too many winding, sloping passageways that end no where at all. And too many villians. I guess my brain was telling me I need to up the danger. Come up with more ways that my heroine can be damaged.

Poor me. I can't wait (no really I can) for my next set of dreamscapes.


Ollin Morales said...

You know I've never dreamed of my story. But I would love to! It's a fantasy fiction story so it would be so much fun! I'm jealous!

Fickle Cattle said...

That always happens to me actually. I guess I overthink too much.