Friday, February 18, 2011


I had this really great post all written out for today (well yesterday), and my fun-lovely computer decided it would be fun NOT to save it and, in fact, delete the whole thing. Now, normally I would suck it up and re-write the entire thing, but I lost steam and decided I would rather work on my WIP (best choice, BTW...I wrote over 2000 words yesterday!) But I think this post will be even better and more beneficial.

Kiersten White revealed the cover of her newest book, SUPERNATURALLY, sequal to Paranormalcy today, and asked that people share it. You know, spread the love. The cover is awesome, and I will share it here, but you should definitely go check out her blog post. It's much better than mine. She is awesome, and the cutest gal ever!

So, here it is. The new cover for SUPERNATURALLY:

Very cute, right? I love the wrap around showing off more of Evie's dress. And Kiersten is right, the lightening really adds to it. Great, great cover! I hope some day I will be as lucky.

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