Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giving in to the Cast Buzz: DREAM CASTING

I'm jumping on the fan badwagon today listing my top picks for the cast of the HUNGER GAMES movie (which will come out who knows when. Some say the end of the year, some say 2013). You can name this week HUNGER GAMES week for me.

I've been looking at other people's choices for the cast and it just gets me all the more excited to pick my own choices (to, you know, set these weirdos straight! JK). For some of them I picked a couple because I liked more than one person for these rolls.

So, without further ado, I give you the CAST:

Katniss Everdeen:

Emily Browning                                       



Sticking with her family, I would pick MOTHER EVERDEEN to be:

                                                                     Rose Byrne




Elle Fanning                                                                  Peyton List

I'm leaning toward Peyton here for the gorgeous brown eyes. Plus, Katniss always says that Rue reminds her of Prim and in the twisted way my mind works this makes more sense.

okay, so he's a bit teeny bit too old for Gale, but I was having THE hardest time finding someone for this part.

                                                                   Adam Gregory


Well, I tried and tried and couldn't find anyone who I would like to see play let's just say a no-namer.

                                                                      Tim Robbins

I think he would work great in this role. I was also thinking of the guy who plays SAM on Charmed ( if you watch it, you'll know why. He is great at playing a drunk. And if you're not familiar with the character, it is the sister's mom's white lighter)


                                                                 Kristin Chenoweth


                                                                 WILLOW SMITH

She may be a bit young, but I think she could pull it off. Especially if this movie took a year or two to make =). Am I right?


                                                                      JUDE LAW

I can totally see Jude Law in some gold metalic eye liner, can't you?


                                                                      Ian McKellen

Of course they describe the president as someone who gets a ton of plastic surgery, so I don't know if Ian would be up for the primping here, but he IS one of the most wonderful actors of all time and would be fabu as that character.

I can't wait to see who they really pick. I would bet there will be a lot of no namers as the main characters which I would actually love to see. And I can't wait to see the set and costume designs. This book suggests a high creativity level. I'm thinking they will need runway designers here, folks. And the set has such a vast array of situations, both rich and poor, I think it would be so fun to design.

So, what are your picks? Any ideas? Are any of you reading this/excited for the movie?


storyqueen said...

They should totally hire you to cast this movie.

Brilliant...except you have got to find a Peeta!

Love Emily Browning as Katniss.

Well done.


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Thanks! Wouldn't that be the funnest job? Besides writing, of course =)