Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Fall

Who can taste the bitterless wind, unshedding youthful joys, and not dance and play in leaves when colors change, fade.


The world transforms, smells arive. Pine, and nut, leaves, fresh built fires, baked delicacies. Fires crack, smoke curls toward heaven. Inside on the hearth merry aromas fill the nose. Pumpkin, crisp buttery sugar confections, caramel and hot apples, turkey, potatoes, candied yams. Sleepiness takes over when bellies are full of natures delights. A pleasant rest before glowing logs, warming from the chill of November.

I love this time of year. The memories stir and haunt, music bringing them back clear. Excited expectations overcome worries, and human-kindness swells where aggrivation and impatience over worldly concerns once stood their ground. They bend their knee, giving in to hope. That's what this time of year brings.

HOPE. Renewal. JOY. Happiness.

The sparkle in my children's eyes pops my heart open wide, spreading fuzzy tingles to my mind. I give myself into it. 'Longing for transformation' as one favorite character once said. Busy hands, busy mind, creating things for unexpected holiday participants.


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Emy Shin said...

This is such a lovely posts. These are definitely reasons fall's my favorite season of the year. :)