Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do I love thee...Nathan Bransford???


Prepare yourself.

I am totally in love--in-a-very-non-commital-non-threatening-notreallythatsortoflove-type of way--with Nathan Bransford. You know who he is. That wonderful literary agent over at Curtis Brown. The one who has us hanging on his every word, whose blog is tatooed with many a shiny award sticker saying how great he is.

ANYWAY...he had a totally awesome (NO, another one) post today. All about the errors we (I) make while writing. It was so in depth. So perfect. Shiny (yes I used that word before). I can only write like him when I am hopped up on goofballs...figuratively speaking of course. (No, I haven't edited this post).

To give you a clue I will quote said post:

"Description Overload: Upon this page there is a period. It is not just any period, it is a period following a sentence. It follows this sentence in a way befitting a period of its kind, possessing a roundness that is pleasing to the eye and hearty to the soul. This period has the bearing of a regal tennis ball combined with the utility of a used spoon. It is an unpretentious period, just like any other, the result of hundreds of years of typesetting innovations that allows it to be used, almost forgotten, like oxygen to the sentence only darker, more visible. And it is after this period, which will neither reappear nor matter in any sense whatsoever to the rest of the novel, that our story begins."

Yes folks, pure poetry. This was my favorite one, BTW.

Click on Nathan's name above for a link to the whole post. There is many a nugget in them thar hills.

It's totally awesome

and so are you!

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