Thursday, July 15, 2010


Admit it. You really wanted to share your deepest darkest fears. So, I am giving you another chance.

Let's try this again. Because I really want to know.

What are you affraid of? What--to YOU--consitutes a scary, tension-filled scene?

Also, what was your favorite scary--book--moment? Have you read a book where you were just scared out of your pants? OR maybe just really uncomfortable.

For me, a good example was when I read LORD OF THE FLIES in HS. The part where the boys turned on each other and one decides to crush the 'fat boy' with a boulder. Yeah. Upsetting when that happens. I hated it. But it brought the tension to a whole new level in that book. A boy was now dead.

I have also read books where they didn't quite pull it off. Where you are sort of let down by the lack of creativity of the person.

YA Highway had a great post on that. They talked about the different arenas that create good tension. Check it out.

Something I do when trying to write a really tense scene is to remember something personal that happened to me. Especially while young when emotions flared more readily. It's really hard for me to get that worked up while writing. But if I can think of a time someone really got under my skin, I try to think of 'why?' What made what they did or said truly urk me?

Maybe you have some examples?

Also, have you had a time where you were truly affraid? I have. But I would especially love to hear what makes guys scared, since I am writing a book with a male MC. Any guys want to take that one up out there?

ps. I just noticed that Dracula was played by Christopher Lee in that ad. Isn't that awesome? Now I want to go find that movie!

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Anonymous said...

In high school I was scared witless reading Whitley Strieber's non-fiction on alien encounters.

Recently I was scared reading Scott Sigler's Infected.