Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something to love about writing.

In the midst of revision I came to a scene in my book that I have fallen in love with. Leading up to it one of my secondary POV characters feels betrayed. Her love interest (MC) isn't acting normal, in fact she suspects that he doesn't love her anymore. His friend even lets slip that he is going to see 'someone'. He disapears quite frequently, is never around when he should be and she can never ask him why. She competely misunderstands his actions when, in fact, he is trying to help her, albeit in a very secretive way.

I love how the drama builds. She goes through internal battles, all the while recounting his unmistakably suspicious actions.

Then comes the confrontation.

The MC, who believes everthing is okay, is dumbfounded when the girl whom he loves suddenly wants to break things off, just when he has something important to tell her...but can't.

I have a love/hate relationship with misunderstandings in stories. I hate them because I am wanting to knock the MC up side the head and shout, "PAY ATTENTION!" and love them because of the tension they create. I think they are classic writing moves. They never get old.

Then comes the makeup scene which makes the tension worthwhile. The truth comes out. They live happily ever after.

Well, almost...

They don't in my book. But that is the beauty of writing. Nothing ever ends the way the reader wants it to. It's that little bit of wrongness that keeps a reader reading, hoping that things will right themselves in the end. And that is exactly how real life is. The lesson learned, however, is this: Where one bad thing happens, another good thing is allowed to take place.

Sacrifice = A much happier alternative ending.


Melissa said...

This sounds exciting. I too, adore love/hate relationships. This sounds really good!

storyqueen said...

I just found your it! Love/hate=win.


Anonymous said...

I love misunderstandings as well; they're definitely a great way to create tension! :)

Lola Sharp said...

I agree with you about endings.

I look forward to reading your book...I like what you've told us so far. I'm intrigued. :)


Anonymous said...

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