Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Sum of All Fears

For book number two of the series I am writing I am trying to come up with the ultimate scary place. I’m not sure yet if I want it realistic or not. Probably not. It will be a place that doesn’t exist in our realm of understanding.
So, I decided to make a list of what scares me the most. And I am hoping that each one of you who reads this blog will help me by telling me what you are most afraid of. Name your top five if you like. Or one. It doesn’t matter.
Here is my list:
(not in any particular order, just what comes to me first)

1. Seeing someone I love suffer cruelly and not being able to help them. (I have nightmares of being trapped in a holding cell, POW or something, with my children or husband in the next cell being tortured, and having to watch.)

2. Heights

3. Spiders

4. The boogie man (this one I thought I was over, and then I spent the evening alone in my house without my big strong husband to protect me…maybe I should re-entitle this one : noises I don't recognize) *

5. At first glance, corpses. (yes, those still scare me)

(notice I didn’t mention death. Been through that too much. Doesn’t scare me anymore.)

*also, what would the boogie man look like?

I really think brainstorming helps the creative process. Especially when others are involved. It always interests me what other people think of that I look over completely.

Now to your list…

What are you afraid of? Let it be person, place, thing, environment…food…bugs. =)

Oh, I forgot one BIG one... DROWNING! I hate water and small places...and crowded places...

boy I'm scared of a lot of things =) Not really.  Well, maybe. Sometimes.


Jen said...

What a great post... it really has me thinking.

Here are my five since you were so open and honest.

1. Being the last one alive in my family.
2. Spiders.
3. Watching my husband lose someone he loves (He's never had a family member pass since he's been alive).
4. Lobsters. I used to work at Red Lobster and never held one, terrified of them, I wasn't the only one.
5. Hurting someone (emotionally of course)

There you have it! Wow I was more honest than planned, thanks!

Jolene said...

Have you ever seen the Blair Witch Project?
I'm afraid of the woods, which is kind of ironic since I grew up in them and live in them once again. It's like they're both full of magic and full of something that might get you.
Good Luck - I almost starting writing books with scary places a long time ago, but I don't think I want to spend time there, especially when there's so little to go around.