Monday, June 14, 2010

Writers Conference Update and yet another contest/web conference!!!

Okay, I know my title was a mouthful, but stay with me.

The writers conference today was VERY exciting. (((I saw Mary Kole!!!))) I didn't get to talk to anyone yet because I was only there to get my badge and go to the orientation (we'll call it: Babysitter Mayhem Monday), but I was still psyched about being there! (Watch out I may use exclamation points quite often in this post!!!). Tomorrow there will be much more to say about the conference, so stay tuned.

Speaking of conferences, Elana Johnson and friends have come up with a very cool idea: to have an online, FREE, writers conference! They, again, will have people like Mary Kole, Josh Berk, Mary Kole, Lindsay Eland, Mary Kole, and oh yeah, Mary Kole! =) I have a countdowner on my sidebar so y'all will know when it is, or you can head on over to Elana's fabu blog (Elana's fabu blog link) and get the details as well as some other awesomeness contests.

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I love those things.

Yeah. That's it for now =).


Melissa said...

I am so stoked about WriteOnCon. I thought it was an amazingly awesome idea! I'm just really excited about the whole thing because I think it's brilliant and I want to go to a conference so bad but lacked the monetary funds. Now I can go!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mary Kole. I love, and think she is really wonderful. I hope you'll have a wonderful time tomorrow.