Monday, April 20, 2015

Going under the knife!

You think this post is about editing, don't you?

It should be. But it's not. I'm going in for major surgery and probably won't feel like blogging for a couple of months. Then we move into a new house, so it's going to be hectic. But why don't I leave you with a bit of editing advice anyway?

After having several people look over your 'completed' work (which everyone should do before submitting if they possibly can), it can be confusing as to which advice to take. Every person has a different opinion of what works in a story and what doesn't. This is like going to the zoo and saying that Bears are best, when in fact cats are way cooler.

Instead of taking each and every offer of baby slaying to heart, look at the bigger picture. What do all your critters say that is similar?

If we applied this to the zoo, we could ask: Is there a door missing on one of the alligator cages? Or lion cages or both? What if the visitors can get in, but not out? And maybe someone forgot to feed said wild animals and now all they want to do is eat little Billy who is covered in the chili from his chili-dog? This would be a fun plot idea for a story, but not so much for real life. No one could run a zoo like that. Nor should one have their character run amok. Unless it is vital to the plot, that is. =)

So, if every one says you change POVs several times on one page? You should listen. OR if they hate your MC because he's a sniveling sissy and not likable in any possible way, then maybe you should give him some butt-kicking muscle. Or yada yada yada, the list goes on. Don't be too proud to change your story--even in a major way--if something isn't working. In the long run it's better to change and have people buy your book than let it collect dust. And ants. (The ants come because you're in a depression-eating binge and letting crumbs settle on top o' the manuscript pile. It happens when you don't sell your story.)

Maybe Elephants are best...

What zoo animals do you like? This thought will keep me occupied for several days while in hospital. Especially if you comment =)

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