Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coming alive

So, I'm back from my hiatus. Health in check. Life in check. Things are great and I'm almost done with my final round of edits on my current project I will now entitle DEAD LIBRARY. And I realized something.

Amidst my torpidity.

I better start blogging!

You know those pesky agents will be checking up on every aspect of your life they can get their eyes on. (I say this with a smile, at least). So, I best be giving them something. A little bit here, there, and steadily.

You know what else? I think I'm the wrong kind of person to blog. I'll do it anyway, don't get me wrong. But I realized long ago what makes a great blogger and I don't have it.

For one, you must be bubbly, or at the very least interesting. I'm not sure I'm either. But again, I'll try. People also like to live vicariously through the bloggers they follow. So, they must be doing things. Exciting things. This can be mean that they've found a molecule of success. Or they travel (I did go to DC, will be going to Mt Rushmore and in a few months EUROPE baby!). Maybe the blogger/writer is just so darn cute you can't stay away from them (I could list a couple of writers like that). Or maybe they speak their mind in such a way as to offend and yet you can't help stick with them because they are so dang brave (and you secretly agree with what they're saying).

I'm too scared to offend people. I tried it once. Didn't like it. So, I'll stick with just being myself.

Or maybe they like bacon so much that it's become an obsession. And we like people who are obsessed about something. It means they've found that secret meaning of life. (Who knew it was bacon?)

So, if you're looking for risque speeches or being dominated by fluffy kitten pattering you won't find it here. You'll find common sense from my point of view. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm smarter than I/you think. Eh?

Also, people like blog posts with pictures. Here you go:

This picture is mine. I made it. I may have posted it on


As soon as I find that one awesome agent that sees something in my shiny new product. You're out there somewhere. I'm looking... Maybe I should print out a sign--attached to my shirt--that says: Will buy you lunch? Hmmm?


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Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

Thank you!